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Power of Public Procurement – An Action Plan for Healthier Farms and People in New Mexico
September 2014
Power of Public Procurement Report
Power of Public Procurement – Executive Summary

Closing New Mexico’s Food Gap: A report on food access in New Mexico 2008
At the request of the New Mexico State Legislature, the Governor-appointed Food Gap Task Force has prepared a report which defines the scope and causes of the “food gap” in New Mexico and provides recommendations for how to improve food access in rural and underserved urban communities.

Equitable Development and Risk of Displacement: Profiles of Four Santa Fe Neighborhoods
Authored by Human Impact Partners with collaboration from Chainbreaker Collective and the New Mexico Health Equity Partnership, focuses on four Santa Fe neighborhoods (Hopewell/Mann, Airport Rd. Corridor, Canyon Rd. and Downtown) to identify the various indicators of gentrification and displacement and the potential implications for the long term individual and community health of residents.

Feeding Ourselves
Food access, health disparities and the pathways to healthy Native American communities report explores the complex historical and contemporary challenges to Native American healthy food access, childhood obesity, and health disparities contemporary challenges to Native American healthy food access, childhood obesity, and health disparities by Echo Hawk Consulting.

A Call to Action – Farm to School in New Mexico: Successes, Challenges, and Potential Ways Forward analyzes current farm-to-school activities in New Mexico. The report was commissioned by the Thornburg Foundation and is available as a resource on the National Farm to School Network’s website.

Evaluation for Transformation, A Cross-Sectoral Evaluation Framework for Farm to School is the first comprehensive document to define outcomes farm to school can achieve and offer language, guidelines and metrics to help users understand and articulate those outcomes from the National Farm to School Network.

Innovations in Local Food Enterprise: Fresh Ideas for a Just and Profitable Food System. The report addresses one of the most complex issues facing food access and regional food system development allies today: how can consumer price and producer cost meet in ways that transition healthy, local food from a privilege to a right?

Access to Healthy Food and Why It Matters: A Review of the Research, a joint report by PolicyLink and The Food Trust demonstrates that healthy food access is paramount!

The $11 Trillion Reward, How Simple Dietary Changes Can Save Lives and Money, and How We Get There a report by the Union of Concerned Scientists (article on page 8 highlights one of Farm to Table’s partner organizations, La Semilla Food Center) – Watch the video, An Apple a Day

A Place at the Table, a film directed by Kristi Jacabson and Lori Silverbush, shows us how hunger poses serious economic, social and cultural implications for our nation, and that it could be solved once and for all, if the American public decides — as they have in the past — that making healthy food available and affordable is in the best interest of us all.

Feeding America – Hunger in America study

Film – More than Honey –“If bees were to disappear,” Albert Einstein once predicted, “mankind would only have four years left to live.” Is that disaster coming to pass? In different regions, between 50% and 90% of have disappeared, and the epidemic showing no signs of slowing. Without predators, or bodies, it’s been a struggle for scientists to understand the problem. This unforgettable film film, winner of the German Oscar for best documentary, as well as awards around the world, uses breathtaking cinematography and first-person stories to explore one of the natural world’s most disturbing trends. (Germany, 2012, 91m, DCP, Kino Lorber)

The 2019 national KIDS COUNT Data Book, an annual ranking of the 50 states based on child well-being is now available.

Indigenous Food Systems: Transformative Strategies to Perpetuate Nationhood
This report highlights how a few Native communities and organizations are engaged in work to protect Native food sovereignty and thereby ensure tribal nationhood in the future. It aims to not only document what they are doing to protect and perpetuate important food sources, but why their work is in defense of tribal nationhood and is vital for their local communities and larger society.