promoting locally based agriculture through education, community outreach and networking
  • Organic farmers and ranchers are careful observers, bold innovators, and caring stewards of the land, bringing nourishment to our citizens and conserving our soil and water resources.” —Jeff Witte, New Mexico Secretary of Agriculture and Director of New Mexico Department of Agriculture


    NM Organic Farming Conference PowerPoint presentations, provided by presenters, can be accessed through this New Mexico Department of Agriculture webpage

New Mexico Organic Farming Conference

organic-farmingThe Southwest’s Premier Conference for Organic Agriculture

Farm to Table, a collaborating partner from 2006 thru 2016, encourages participation by farmers and gardeners in the Organic Farming Conference.

The NM Organic farming Conference has a new website: You can register for the conference at For more information, contact
Sage Faulkner

The Conference is currently organized through a collaboration between the New Mexico Department of Agriculture’s Organic Program, the New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service, the NM Farm & Livestock Board Foundation, and one farmer-representing organization (rotated annually). It provides producers and researchers from the Southwest an opportunity to share their experiences and expertise.

The Conference offers a vast array of workshops covering many topics and makes available exhibition space for a wide range of products and services. Attendance has grown to over 650. CEUs (Continuing Education Credits) are available.

The goal of the Conference is to provide a place to bring organic growers in the region together to explore and learn the unique aspects of the Southwest. The Conference also serves to reduce isolation by providing a forum to share innovative ideas and best practices.

Past New Mexico Organic Farming Conference Program Brochures:

Organic farming has significantly increased in New Mexico over the past couple of decades. Organic farming and ranching is the fastest growing segment of New Mexico agriculture. Last year organic farming and ranching in New Mexico had an economic impact of more than $53 million, facilitating support to our rural and semi-rural communities. New Mexico Department of Agriculture Organic Program provides USDA/NOP-accredited organic certification for farmers, ranchers, and processors/handlers throughout New Mexico.

…it is critical that we find ways to support New Mexico organic agricultural production because many families depend on organic farm income to survive and their activities contribute to the economic well-being of our communities.”
— Dr. Jon Boren, Associate Dean and Director of the New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service