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New Mexico Grown


New Mexico is a poor state with high rates of food insecurity and with too many adults and children suffering from nutrition-related chronic conditions, including obesity and diabetes. Programs that incentivize consumption of locally grown, healthy, fresh produce to food-insecure individuals offer both health benefits to low-income communities as well as economic benefits to local farmers.

–Excerpt from Policy Brief by Armelle Casau, Ph.D.,

New Mexico Voices for Children

Farm to Table is committed to improving the health of the next generation, the lives and livelihoods of local farmers, while realizing economic benefit to New Mexico’s communities— Uniting strategies, efforts, partners and resources towards a vision that contributes to the well-being of New Mexico.

The New Mexico Grown Initiative provides New Mexico students with regionally grown fresh fruits and vegetables, while providing a new market for farmers, an economic benefit to both urban and rural areas, and assists schools meet new Federal nutrition requirements.  Additionally, New Mexico Grown ties together under one vision many of Farm to Table’s programs.

What New Mexico Grown can do

  • Enhance the diets of school children, promoting healthier lifestyles and increasing academic achievement.  Studies show healthy nutrition improves child well-being and learning ability.
  • Provide school nutrition programs with funding to purchase local produce from New Mexico farmers.
  • Strengthen an emerging agricultural sector in New Mexico – small and medium size fruit and vegetable farmers—will gain a new market and increase their chances to stay on the land.
  • Increasing economic farming opportunities will help to maintain family farming and conserve the unique heritage and cultural traditions of New Mexico.

New Mexico Grown calls for a bold vision…

Of collaboration between partners, agencies, organizations, legislators, community leaders and individuals across the state to develop laws, rules and regulations on the local, state and federal level to insure that we all have access to fresh healthy food.  ž 
Unified in their approach to nutrition and wellness, creating school environments that nourish children and create lifelong healthy eating habits.
That looks to improve children’s health, their environment, and utilizes innovative means to ensure their communities’ ability to provide accessible healthy affordable food to the entire family.
Where New Mexico small to mid-size farmers strengthen their economic livelihoods by building connections to local markets; with schools, restaurants, grocery stores, and outreach to senior centers and hospitals to make locally grown food accessible.

“Making local fresh fruits & vegetables available in schools is a win / win for New Mexico… children experience the goodness and a blast of fresh taste, farmers are able to sell their produce and support their way of life and families, each dollar spent locally circulates and generates more revenue in the state, and our carbon foot-print is decreased substantially. This effort is worthy of everyone’s support!” —Nelsy Dominguez, former Deputy Director/COO, Farm to Table

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