promoting locally based agriculture through education, community outreach and networking
  • The well-being of our state cannot be separated from the health of the soil and water, the health of the cultures that have emerged from this land, the health of rural economies that depend on agricultural livelihoods.

    Healthy People, Healthy Places
    Communities coming together to promote health and equity through built environment and access to healthy foods.  Farm to Table is facilitating community discussions and planning sessions to create livable spaces and access to healthy foods. An initiative of the Con Alma Health Foundation.

Food & Community Development

FoodCommunityFood is nourishment

In New Mexico, food is at the core of our cultures, our history and our economy.

New Mexico is one of the most food insecure states in the nation at the same time that agriculture is our third largest industry.

To address the challenges that many New Mexicans face in accessing healthy food and the challenges that New Mexican farmers face in building sustainable businesses, we must first understand the context of the whole food system.

By providing technical assistance, project planning , enterprise facilitation, introductions to financial institutions and funding programs, and by sharing locally grown solutions from food and farming projects across the state and southwest, Farm to Table helps communities develop their innovations to improve access to farm-fresh foods while building local economic opportunity.

Examples include grocery store and food hub development, addressing food storage and distribution issues, and developing programs to increase the food buying power of low-income residents.

When we began to envision a store that provided healthy food to our rural area, the project seemed overwhelming until we contacted Farm to Table. The support and guidance they provided has allowed and encouraged us to move forward.
—El Morro Valley Coop

Farm to Table has helped us immensely with every aspect of organizational development and educational programming. Our efforts to address severe food access concerns would be a shell of what was possible without Farm to Table’s insight. 
—Aaron Sharratt, La Semilla Food Center Southern NM / Border Region