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Farm to School Resources

Publications in PDF format:

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  1. Evaluation for Transformation, A Cross-Sectoral Evaluation Framework for Farm to School is the first comprehensive document to define outcomes farm to school can achieve and offer language, guidelines and metrics to help users understand and articulate those outcomes from the National Farm to School Network.
  2. Toolkit: Food Safety in School Gardens, A Guide for Assuring Fresh Produce Food Safety From the Garden to the Cafeteria, Classroom, and Community.  Complete the short Survey and provide valuable feedback on the Toolkit.
  3. Visit the National Farm to School Network for lots of great information on Farm to School including:  Benefits of Farm to School Fact Sheet.
  4. 10 Actions for Just Food and a Just World.
  5. Garden Study Plan – A graphic that helps to visualize all the things that can be taught in a garden, published by the National Gardening Association.
  6. List of Educational Resources for Farm To School.
  7. List of Web Resources for Farm To School.

PowerPoint Presentations

  1. Farm to School in New Mexico (80Mb).
  2. Video Production for Farm to School (48Mb).