promoting locally based agriculture through education, community outreach and networking
  • He threw his face
    into the pony’s neck,
    and took a deep breath
    — Mesilla Elementary School
    Special Education teacher,
    remarking about a student
    meeting a horse for the first time

Farm to School Educational Activities

Fostering fun learning experiences between kids, schools and local foods!

Farm to School Educational Program supports activities that make that help make that critical link between children, youth, their families, agriculture, and the development of healthier eating habits.

Farm to School Educational Activities consists of a wide range of programs that teach children the basics of gardening, builds agricultural awareness, explores the idea of farming as a career, develops openness to experiencing new and fresher foods, encourages personal healthy choices, and develops an appreciation of the environment.

“As you know, Abby really enjoys gardening with you. But what is amazing is that she has been a picky eater and has tried foods for the first time ever through your tastings.  Can you believe she has never eaten an apple until yesterday?  So thank you so much for opening these new doors and opportunities to her.  Thanks for all the time you put into these wonderful learning experiences.” —from a Parent email on the participation in a Farm to School Educational Activities

Activities supported have included school gardens, creating garden environments beneficial to insects and plants, farmers visiting schools, field trips to farms, taste testing events, special local food focused community events, culinary education, nutrition education, and health education that have a locally-produced-foods focus.

Lists of Farm to School Educational Activities supported projects throughout New Mexico: 

Amounts up to $1,000 are made available to schools, after-school programs and other ‘farm to school’ practitioners. Consider donating now  to Farm to Table in support of this vital program for the 2014 cycle.