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Ways to Give and Why Contribute

Your support is integral to sustaining this work across New Mexico and the Southwest region. Farm to Table appreciates donations of any size.

Please Donate! Your support is essential to the work that we do.

Why Contribute


  • Make a one-time contribution by using PayPal or by writing your check made out to the Farm to Table and mailing it to Farm to Table, 518 Old Santa Fe Trail, Suite 1, Santa Fe, NM 87505.
  • Become a Monthly or Quarterly Sustainer of Farm to Table programs by giving regularly throughout the year.
  • Make a Memorial or Honor Gift, your contribution can be made in honor or in memory of a friend or loved one.
  • Become a major individual or corporate sponsor of Farm to Table or of one or more of our programs.
  • Your gift of $25,000 or more could help us create an Endowment Fund for Farm to Table that supports this work in perpetuity.
  • Matching Gifts – Your gift has the potential to be doubled!   Encourage your employer to add Farm to Table to their corporate matching gifts program, effectively doubling the size of your donations. Likewise, check with your employer to see if your gifts can be matched.
  • Individual or Corporate In-Kind Gifts such as equipment, services or resources.
  • Planned Giving…Looking to the Future – Lifetime giving is only one form of philanthropy. Planned (or estate) gifts can benefit your community and support the causes that matter to you for future generations. Planned gifts can be used to  support Farm to Table and its programs.  Click here for sample gift language for your Will or Revocable Living Trust.
  • Sponsoring a Farm to Table Event helps lower our expenses – while ensuring that the bulk of money raised help the continuation of Farm to Table’s programs.
  • Sign-up and Share our Farm to Table e-newsletter and share information with your community, friends, family and colleagues.
  • Like Us on Facebook and Encourage Your Friends to sign up and make a difference.

To discuss any of these giving opportunities, please contact Pam at 505-660-8403 or

Your donation helps expand Farm to Table’s impact.  Farm to Table provides professional services, disseminates resources, supports collaborations, facilitates cooperation and alignment of efforts and brings expertise and leadership to the food system movement.

Farm to Table is committed to improving the health of the next generation — making the experience of tasting and growing fresh produce a life-long journey to better health.

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As a child in school, being able to enjoy the flavor and freshness of a locally grown apple has many benefits. Its taste and crispness is just the beginning… produce that spends less time ‘traveling’ to your plate retains freshness, flavor and also nutrients.

Together, we can transform children’s experience with food in school settings.

Through our work…

  • thousands of students in over 160 classrooms have participated in nutrition education and visited farms, farmers markets or tended school gardens to learn about healthy food and where it comes from.
  • over 330,000 students in New Mexico have access to healthier snacks due to the removal of junk food from school vending machines.
  • over half of the students in the state have enjoyed fresh local produce at schools.

Farm to Table is steadfastly improving the livelihoods of farmers, their families and communities.

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  • over 10,000 growers have attended our conferences or received technical assistance to improve their growing practices, food safety assurance, or marketing and business planning skills essential to their ability to continue to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to local communities.
  • sales of local produce to schools have increased to 53 out of 89 school districts in New Mexico.
  • building partnerships and resources to help farmers and other food-related businesses access needed financial assets.
  • advising local and national agencies on the importance of food and farming to the physical and economic health of communities.

Farm to Table’s efforts engage thousands of people, seeding food policy leaders such as the New Mexico Food and Agriculture Policy Council, through collaboration and coordination with partners.

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  • creating, sponsoring and supporting over 30 initiatives that have improved food access to New Mexico families.
  • New Mexico is second only to New York in the number of policy initiatives passed at the state level that relate to healthy food access.
  • by invitation, providing advice to USDA and state agencies on the effectiveness and appropriateness of rules, policies and programs.
  • more than 1,000 individuals have been trained at local and national gatherings to advocate for their right to eat good food.
  • working with communities throughout New Mexico (and the Southwest) in planning food initiatives and in setting up local food policy councils.

Farm to Table believes and encourages spending our dollars to support local businesses. Doing so supports our local economies.  In the event that you, from time to time, use other vendors, such as Amazon, and want to support Farm to Table while you do so, we are registered with:  AmazonSmile