promoting locally based agriculture through education, community outreach and networking

Mission & History

missionMission & Purpose
The mission of Farm to Table is to promote locally based agriculture through education, community outreach and networking. Farm to Table enhances marketing opportunities for farmers; encourages family farming, farmers’ markets and the preservation of agricultural traditions; informs public policy; and, furthers understanding of the links between farming, food, health and local economies.
Since 1996, Farm to Table has worked to promote sustainable agriculture and advance community wellness and livelihoods across New Mexico. We build capacity by working with New Mexico’s rural, metropolitan, border, and sovereign communities through the development of accessible, equitable and thriving food, farming, and policy initiatives.  

How was Farm to Table created?
Farm to Table was created in 1996 as the Friends of the Farmers’ Markets (FOFM), and initially focused on farmers’ market development in New Mexico. In 2001, FOFM renamed itself Farm to Table and expanded its mission to include its current program areas and vision.

Core Value Statement
Farm to Table firmly believes that food is a basic human right.  We also affirm that access to regionally grown healthy and culturally relevant food is paramount to the wellbeing and sustainability of communities. 

As such, our work is centered on investing in New Mexico’s communities, farmers, children, the environment and you.