promoting locally based agriculture through education, community outreach and networking

About Us

aboutWhat is Farm to Table?
Farm to Table is a 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit organization based in Santa Fe, New Mexico that works throughout the state, the region and the nation to improve communities’ access to nutritious, affordable, locally grown, culturally significant foods by linking local food production to local needs.

Since 1996, Farm to Table has worked to promote sustainable agriculture and advance community wellness and livelihoods across New Mexico.

What We Do
Farm to Table enhances marketing opportunities for farmers; encourages family farming, farmers’ markets and the preservation of agricultural traditions; informs public policy; and, furthers understanding of the links between farming, food, health and local economies. 

Guided by our core value, Farm to Table focuses on community capacity building strategies that empower individuals, families, enterprises, and groups to effectively address place-based solutions through policy development, advocacy, and social enterprise facilitation that support access to affordable, nutritious and culturally relevant foods while creating livelihood opportunities for families.