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2020 NM Legislative Outcomes

2020 Special Session Outcomes

July 1, 2020 In order to rebalance the budget in the light of the health and economic hardships imposed by COVID-19, legislators and the Governor had to grapple with an estimated $2 billion decrease in state revenues over the coming fiscal year (beginning July 1st). In a short Special Session in June, they balanced the budget with a combination of spending cuts across agencies, funding from reserves, and federal funding from COVID-19 relief programs. Here’s how NMFAPC legislative priorities were affected.

2020 NM Legislative Successes

NM Food & Agriculture Omnibus Appropriations (sponsors Representatives Stansbury, Sweetser, Gail Armstrong, Dow, and Fajardo):

  • $150,000 to the NM Department of Agriculture (NMDA) to develop and promote market opportunities for farmers, ranchers, and agribusiness in NM (key sponsor Representative Gail Armstrong)
  • $200,000 to NMDA to assist the soil and water conservation districts
  • $200,000 to the NM State University for experimental station facilities
  • $100,000 to the NM State University for 4-H programs

NM Grown Fruits and Vegetables for School Meals Program

  • $400,000 to the NM Public Education Department (thanks to Senator Campos for the Senate amendment)

Eliminating Reduced-Price Co-Payments for School Breakfast and Lunch Programs

  • $650,000 to the NM Public Education Department (NMPED)

NM Grown Fruits and Vegetables for Senior Meal Programs and Expansion of the NM Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program

  • No funding. With the Aging and Long Term Services Department and Representatives Gail Armstrong and Senator Stefanics we will explore the idea of potential finding from the Kiki Saavedra Senior Dignity Fund.  

Healthy Soils Program

  • $127,000 to the NMDA

NM Agriculture and Natural Resources Pilot Program

  • $1.8 million over three years to the NMDA for soils and water conservation projects

Two Senate Memorials (3 and 10 sponsored by Senator Nancy Rodriguez) passed:

  • Working group to develop recommendations to glean unharvested farm produce for food assistance programs (NMDA to host)
  • Working group to develop recommendations on donating school meals food to students (a food waste issue) (NMPED to host)