promoting locally based agriculture through education, community outreach and networking
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    Farm to Table New Mexico

    Farm to Table’s mission is to build a local, healthy, equitable and sustainable food system.

    Farm to Table collaborates with hundreds of partners across the state, region and nation, creating a ripple effect that touches our lives in big and small ways – at home, in schools and in the field. Since 1996, Farm to Table has worked to strengthen the economic livelihoods of farmers by building connections to local markets, facilitating sales of local fresh produce to institutions and restaurants, by bringing healthy foods and exploratory learning to schools by way of farm to school programs, by providing trainings that highlight pollinators as allies, by assisting communities with food policy council development to strive for equity in our food system, and by gathering folks in learning environments. Learn more >

    What's Happening
    NM Grown Senior Pilot Program creates locally grown resilience.

    Visit the new New Mexico Food & Agriculture Policy Council website.

    Photo: Seth Roffman

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