promoting locally based agriculture through education, community outreach and networking

  • The project engages with community members to become better “food citizens” by growing or purchasing foods that are “pesticide-free”, and advocating for policies and cultural practices that protect human and honeybee health from toxic chemicals.


    Gardening for Pollinators, A Pollinator Partners Workshop at the Railyard Park, May 30th, 10am-noon

    Canaries in the Coal Mine, excerpt from The Bosque Beast, June/July 2013 Issue

    Bringing Magic into the Farm and Garden with Pollinators by Loretta McGrath, Pollinator Partners Program Director (Green Fire Times)

Pollinator Partners

bees300The Pollinator Partners Program supports the creation of pollinator friendly habitat in New Mexico to enhance and regenerate the ecological, agricultural, economic and cultural health, vitality and well-being of people, pollinators and places.

The program provides educational outreach and support for gardening, land stewardship, and beekeeping with presentations, film events, age-appropriate dialogue, and web-based resources to support school and community-based projects.

By sharing the story of honeybee and pollinator decline with communities around New Mexico, we invite community members—especially farmers, beekeepers, backyard, school and community gardeners, and public land managers—to become more aware of the plight of the honeybee and other pollinators.

By developing awareness, stakeholders can engage their communities to be proactive in promoting biodiversity, pesticide-free land stewardship, and the creation of a healthy and vital sustainable agricultural food system.

In order to build appreciation and care for pollinators, the Pollinators Partnership Program also provides outreach to children and youth through Farm to School Educational Activities by teaching them how to create healthy garden environments that are beneficial to insects and plants while encouraging libraries and others to highlight pollinators through their out-of-school and after school activities.

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Tell us about the pollinator habitat you have created!
If you have planted a pollinator garden or habitat in your yard, farm, community garden or other public space, let us know what you are doing by sending your stories and photos to us. And, if you are interested in promoting pollinators in your organization, business, school, neighborhood or community, you can contact Loretta McGrath at for more information and resources.